Bernese Mountain Dog owners demonstrating dog carting.

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     The Pennine Bernese Carters are a group of Bernese Mountain Dog owners who like to show off their pets while demonstrating the original draught work done by this breed in their native country of Switzerland.

     During the Summer months the carters regularly attend steam rallies, fetes and parades where they provide ring appearances of Bernese Mountain Dogs pulling decorated carts. An informative commentary describes the origins of this activity and gives added information about this lovely breed of Swiss mountain dog.

     Winter time brings a change in theme as the carters appear at Christmas markets or take place in Santa parades with their carts decorated in Christmas style, with presents and fairy lights, to bring joy and excitement to children of all ages. Sometimes Father Christmas can be seen leading his sleigh pulled by his faithful Bernese Mountain Dog through the streets of some of the market towns that we visit.

     Wherever the Bernese appear they are greeted with great delight by the children who get the chance to stroke and cuddle this friendly breed of dog.

     The Pennine Bernese Carters have a close association with the Midland Bernese Carters who cover the central part of the country for Bernese carting demonstrations. Their website can be found on the "Web Links & Contacts" page on this site.

Working Bernese Mountain Dogs at their best

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